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About Quality Computer Systems

Quality Computer Systems Inc., has been providing tech support, installing new systems, selling computers and computer accessories since 1989. Our licensed and experienced IT staff functions as a sole IT department for a number of customers throughout Middle Georgia.

Our retail computer store caters to the needs of businesses, home users and computer enthusiasts.  We don’t just sell products in our store: our customers are offered superior tech support options. These support services range from remote controlling a system, to carry-in, to on-site service with a tech coming out to a business. In addition, we can assist with technical needs, from planning where network drops should be for a new building, to adding a single system to a current network.

Whether you are looking to outsource your IT department, looking for a new hardware solution, or even need to borrow an extra head to troubleshoot a larger issue, we have a solution for you!

At Quality Computers we are green conscious. We have developed and patented green technology since 2002. Our custom systems start off using less than 26 Watts of electricity. Our external packaging for our new computers use less than half of the material they used before. We have even gotten most of our suppliers to ship and package using 100% green products.